Money makes the world go 'round.

If I were planning my wedding, I would find it annoying to not be able to see a price on this page and what it includes. "I mean I'm trying to plan a wedding, for goodness sake, and you are giving me more to do by having to contact you" is what I imagine myself in your position saying. 

So I'm going to explain why it is this way.

I am willing to work out a package that works for you and I won't know what you need until you tell me. I want to come as close to your ideal service as possible while trying to maintain your budget. My pricing begins at $1895.00

Please shoot me an email or a text to let me know the basics of what your hopes are so I can try to make it happen! 

Click on "Talk to Me" below to drop me an email or feel free to text me at (817) 734-6601 for the quickest response (when I'm not shooting, of course)!