I've shot close to 400 weddings (I think but I lost track after around 300) in my years as a professional photographer and here is the thing I know for sure --

No two weddings, couples, families, ceremonies, receptions or days are alike. 

This is one of the many things I cherish about my job because it allows me to practice the kind of photojournalism that I love. My style tends to be "fly on the wall” except during those parts of the day that I need to be hands on- family portraits, anyone?- and let me tell ya, I have wrangled many an interesting family members! So far I’ve made it out alive...

I adore the intimacy of a small wedding (one of my favorites was a dinner party for twelve) and I love the energy of a HUGE event having covered many of those as well, I think the largest had 350+ guests.

I go into every partnership knowing that each client will have a unique set of needs, not only budget and event-wise, but on a personal level. A confession- I dread being in front of a camera, this is quite possibly why I was attracted to the back of one in the first place. My point being, I go into things assuming you feel the way I do and I act accordingly. This makes for a fairly calm atmosphere, one where I gently guide where needed and stay the heck out of the way when things are going swimmingly (unless you are wanting to chat or need me for a photo op). That's what you will see from me at sessions and on the big day. Correction, I am that way except during some family portraits--sometimes I shout nicely and move people around, this seems to work much better at those times.

Soo…if it sounds like we might be a good match, give me a shout!

I would love to hear from you.